The Plan

There are times when I’m teaching, that code is not enough to explain what I’m trying to illustrate.

It turns out that “illustrate” is exactly the word I’m looking for. I draw a picture.

Now in my class it’s often true that the final sketch doesn’t mean much to anyone. It’s the discussion as I draw the picture.

So that’s what I’m going to try to do here.

I’m going to invite a guest to suggest a programming topic and we will have a conversation and try to draw sketches that might help. Then we’ll invite you to contribute your comments and sketches and then we’ll meet one more time to see where we are.

At least that’s the plan for now. I’m sure as we start experimenting we’ll change our mind.

So say we’ve developed pictures of functions and drawn a function machine where the input comes in the top left and the output comes out the bottom right.

Then composition might look like this.

Composing f and g

And then maybe we’d talk about how this is equivalent to a single function that essentially wraps the inner workings.

The Composition

Anyway, that’s the rough idea. We’ll see how it goes.